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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. I want to purchase an art but I don't see a link to buy. How do I go about it?
A. If you're interested in purchasing an artwork, please email directly on for more details.

Q. What are the payment terms for purchasing an artwork?
A. Payments will be made directly to the artist, once you have confirmed your interest and discussed necessary details. The artwork will be shipped once the payment has been received

Q. I changed my mind, can I return the artwork I purchased?
A. All sales are final. These are carefully built handmade artworks and cannot be returned once sold.

Q. Are the artworks on display on the website, framed?
A. Not all artworks are framed. The description page will include information on whether the painting is framed or unframed. If you're interested in purchasing an artwork and would like it framed before delivery, please email specifications. Frame personalization will be discussed based on buyers preference and will be an added cost.

Q. Is framing included in the cost of an artwork?
A. Frames can be added to the artwork at an additional cost

Q. What is included in the price of a painting?
A. The price listed on the website is the price of the artwork only (framed or unframed). Any framing and shipping will be added to the final cost of purchase once you confirm your interest to the artist via email.

Q. How will the artwork be delivered to me?
A. The artwork will be shipped via a trusted courier service. Once your purchase has been finalized, you will receive tracking details.

Q. Do I have the option of picking up an artwork?
A. If you're in New Delhi and wish to pick up an artwork, please contact to arrange a pickup.

Q. How will I receive artwork details and payment receipts?
A. Once a payment has been finalized, you will receive shipment and tracking details along with receipt for payment.